Charlie Mingus is the Jackson Pollock of Jazz.


It plays such a large part in my painting process.  Songs inspire me, rhythms keep me going, and words sneak their way onto my canvases.  Musical tunes have had a relationship in my studio since I picked up a paintbrush. But never have I thought about music and art the way I did today.  

I had a really interesting conversation with my son this morning on the way to school about the relationship of music and fine art, in particular paintings. He was describing the way some people played their instrument, and used terms such as warm tones and fast tempo. I told him I did not understand warm tones in music, but I could explain it in a painting. We went on to make correlations such as Jackson Pollack and Charlie Mingus; bursts of music thrown about.  Charlie Mingus is the Jackson Pollock of Jazz.  Fascinating!  

This conversation gave me so much insight in terms of teaching art.  When I teach my students, I am always including art history.  I strive to teach proper terminology because I  believe in the importance of communicating opinions without judgment.  Today's discussion warmed my heart, as it taught me something new about art, and especially it was my own son who was the one to teach me.  

This painting is from my Emerging Series.  It reminds me of a saxaphone and I thought it appropriate for this post.  Emerging #7 is available as an Original Artwork or as Fine Art Print.