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What does it mean to be mindful?  To be mindful means you are aware of what is presently going on around you; how your body is feeling and how you are interacting with your surroundings.  Many people think that mindfulness only happens on a yoga mat or through meditation, but being mindful can most certainly happen as you go about your day. When you learn to do this, it has big rewards.

The Mindfulness of Mixed Media is a self-care workshop designed for those with beginning art skills to the most advanced artists.   It focuses on the process of play, listening to what your heart is telling you, and discovering your inner artist. We follow what the paint is telling us and learn the art of mark making.  These workshops are one of the best self-care gifts you could give yourself. The mindful lessons learned in these workshops can be carried into your everyday life which can be life-changing, allowing for a greater sense of self and reduced stress.

This process will benefit anyone looking for:

  • getting messy

  • learning to be more mindful

  • learning to create art in a fun and exciting way

  • learning about combining different media

  • a way to treat yourself to a meaningful practice

Have you found yourself in a rut of constant busyness?  Is your to-do list a mile long with no end in sight? This is more of a norm today than we should make it.  We often find ourselves thinking about the crazy schedule ahead of us instead of concentrating on the present moment.  When was the last time you were "in the moment"?


Do you remember the days of childhood?......

Do you remember creating something for the pure pleasure of creating?  The process of playing with paint was much more rewarding than the end product.  The feel of the paint between your fingers was enough to make you happy. Do you remember when taking the time to create was one of your goals?  When was the last time you painted for the pure joy of painting?

Would you like to reclaim that joy?  Perfect, you're in the right place!

During the workshop, we focus on many different techniques to help you learn to really listen to yourself.   We talk about vulnerability, creation process, self-consciousness, life stressors, and the basic element of breath...all through the painting process.

We will go through an array of prompts and exercises to move toward the benefits of a mindfulness creative process. These lessons are taught in manageable "mini" lessons of painting, journaling, mixed media, and collage.  Best of all, we are going to have so much fun!

Some projects you may have in your workshop:

  • Art Journaling

  • Spontaneous  and expressive painting

  • Techniques of Mixed Media

  • Expressive Portraits

  • Abstraction

  • Expressive Landscapes

  • Paper & Thread connections

  • and more...

We do not always create works of art, but rather, experiments. It is not our intention to fill museums. We are gathering experience.
— Josef Albers

This is my signature workshop and is available as a full day or weekend class.  It is taught multiple times a year in Phoenix and occasionally in other cities.  If you have a location in mind near your town, simply email me so we can chat, yolikunst@gmail.com