We start these workshops with warm up exercises guided by our intuition.  Some of us like circular lines, some like straight.  Some people are drawn to certain colors.  There are many differences in our artistic styles and we will learn more about them and how to incorporate them into "our own style".

From there, we discuss the elements of line, shape, texture and color and how we use them to create an expressive balanced piece.  We discuss how expressive arts are used in landscapes and still life and how we can bring those ideas into our work.  Whether you want to simply create art for your wall or if you are an artist struggling to find your way, this class is for you.  It is more than abstract painting, it is a lesson in self- discovery.




Each workshop is always different and can easily be accommodated from beginner to advanced levels.  We work with 3 surfaces: canvas, watercolor paper, and yupo paper.  These surfaces determine which mixed media techniques we will use as they react differently with each one.  

You will learn a multitude of mixed media techniques.  I have learned quite a few over the last 20 years and I am willing to share all of them with you.  You will be surprised what you can create using basic supplies or a range of supplies if you are a supply addict like me.  I offer all the materials you need for this workshop so that way you can go home and decide what exactly you want to purchase for yourself.

This class is so much fun, I can't wait to share time together learning, laughing, and discovering.  


This class is for you if...

* You are new to painting and just want to throw some paint on the canvas.

* You are tired of classes that have you create artwork just like the teachers.

* Are not new to art but want to find your true direction and style.

* Are looking to explore with mixed media techniques.


student artwork


F.A.Q. 's


No experience is necessary for this workshop.


Please wear comfortable clothing you don't mind ruining.  An apron or smock is optional.  


All materials are included.  If you have some of your favorites you would like to bring, that is totally fine.  If you are enrolled in the alcohol ink class and would like to bring your own hairdryer or heat tool, that is also fine.


I keep these classes to an intimate group to ensure you receive lots of attention and support.


There are no refunds once you register.  Registration funds are used to purchase materials and rent spaces in advance. You may however transfer your registration to another person and work out payment on your own.