The End and Beginning of Weekly Color Palettes.

At the beginning of this year, I decided I was going to create a new color palette each week from which to create new artwork.  I really enjoyed this process as it forced me to work with some colors that are not my favorite and just make it work.  Like green; I still don't like it very much.  When I reached week 6, my previous website (Inspire and Wander) totally blew up and that forced me to create this one from scratch.  


During this time of rebuilding, it allowed me to really focus on where I wanted to spend my time and what direction I wanted to take my art.  Creating color palette graphics was not one of them. I am a one person does all for my art business, so every minute is valuable.  Fortunately, I found this great group on Instagram, @colorcrushcreative, which creates new palettes biweekly and also has great artistic interaction.  Done!  I will now be joining this fun community for color palette fun.     

Below are some of the pieces I created from my color palette journey.  I loved the fact that it pushed me into a different creative zone.  I look forward to more creations this year.