Wildflowers, A New Whimsy Artwork

I have been busy in the studio lately, playing with lots of color.  Exploration has been my main focus, but sooner or later, whimsy always returns.  In this piece, I began by layering the background with lots of vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellows. I really had no direction until I let it rest for a couple of days.  Working in this way has been very therapeutic for me.  I just let my intuition lead the way.  There is something about sitting down and really listening to what your mind is telling you.  Sometimes I work a background over several times before a direction calls to me.  I like this; it creates the deep layers I am loving about my work right now.


I often struggle with naming my artwork.  I mean really, I created the painting, now I have to name it too?  This piece sat on my worktable over the weekend and I like to reflect upon it when it comes time to name it.  I thought about it having something to do with the garden.  Maybe that I am anxiously awaiting to be able to plant my winter garden.  But then with the unfortunate passing of one of my favorite singers, I listened to the song, Wildflowers by Tom Petty and I knew that would be the title.  I love the feel of the flowers, so colorful and fun.  Exactly how I like to feel.