My New Website

Well, hello!   If you are reading this, I can't thank you enough for following up with my unfortunate website explosion.  It didn't really explode, but when all the work you put into something is suddenly gone, that's pretty much what it feels like.  Anway, on to bigger and better things, right?

And better is right.  Sometimes, things are a blessing in disguise.  My website had changed significantly over the last year, when I started Inspire and Wander.  I learned so many things and grew so much as an artist the last year, it really kept me on my toes.  And it is about time, because I have reinvented myself enough times already.  Sheesh!  

Anyway, I now needed to create a new website and there was a little voice in my head; saying do it.  That it.  It was my name.  If you search for an artist on a website, you can almost guarantee that the website will be their name.  I have never particularly been in love with the name, Yolanda.  People have mispronounced it and I always have to spell it.  And my last name, my married name?  Well, my husband's last name is a mouthful and always needs to be spelled out.  So, I have never been able to use my name as a website.  It didn't flow.  It had too many syllables.  It just didn't really work. And because of this, I have gone through many "business names"  in the past.  

Well, I'm done with that.  After much consideration and brainstorming, I have decided to go with a pseudonym.  I decided to use a combination: my nickname and the word "art" translated in German/Dutch.  Because German and Dutch is my husband's heritage.  

Yoli Kunst

It wasn't a "love at first sound" kind of thing. But what would be?  I mean, try to pick a name for yourself right now?  What would you decide on?  This one pulled on my heart strings a little.  It came about because I have had the email address yolisart forever.  But Yoli's Art is so... not creative whatsoever!  

But now.  Well, I have a name.  I have separated my social accounts into personal and business and I have to tell ya, it is a little weird kinda being two people.  But I am sure that feeling will fade as I get used to using my new name.  

So, if we see each other on the street, don't worry, I am still Yolanda.  But any artwork you collect, will now be signed Yoli Kunst. 

Here are some links if you would like to follow my adventure.  If you have a minute, I would love for you to check out my new website.  I have worked all day, every day the last couple of days.  and while it is not perfect yet, I am so beyond happy with how it is turning out.


Facebook: They are being stinkers and won't let me change the name (so far).  It is still at @inspireandwander for the time being.